Posted by: dferrett | September 20, 2007

Hello world!

Welcome to This blogg is primarily to discuss Windows Vista, focusing mainly on deploying Windows Vista. However, a blogg being a blogg, no doubt the techie stuff will be interspersed with anecdotes and witticisms on life, the universe and everything.

To set the scene…I am currently on a consulting gig for the deployment of a Windows Vista SOE (Standard Operating Environment) for an organisation of approx 1200 desktops and laptops, across Australia and NZ. Whilst deploying Vista at this early¬†time in its life (eg. pre SP1), may seem like challenge, strangely this is is least of my concerns on this project. This customer currently has no SOE, no management and no standards. It also has very few policies around IT practices, which is making the jump to a standard, locked down environment the biggest challenge.

So, let the¬†games begin…


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