Posted by: dferrett | March 31, 2008

It’s been a while….

I am back. Though I have not really been away, just busy with day to day work, life, etc. So, “what’s happening with the Vista project?” you ask. Well, we are finished on that project and it has been left in the ‘culpable’ hands of the customer. Actually that is not correct. It has been left in the hands of the Project Manager (my sympathies to Tony), as the customer is too apathetic and lazy to manage it themselves.

The SOE itself ended up quite ok, but we did make a number of modifications after the initial pilot rollout. The customer has advocated quite a locked down environment and this is hurting some users, but I guess they will get used to it. The GP stuff in Vista is quite granular and does make the job of lockdown easier than XP. For instance, with XP Group Policy if you locked the changing of the Time or TimeZone down, you locked the whole thing out. In Vista, you can stop users changing the time, but still allow them to change the TimeZone (which of course if important if you are on the road).

All in all, the project was well worth being involved in, even though the customer was a pain in the $^#&@!!


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