Posted by: dferrett | October 2, 2007

Maroon and White Tears

Little marron and white tears flowed freely on Saturday night when the Melbourne Storm rained hell down on the Manly Sea Eagles. Melbourne played fantastic in the second half and Manly were somewhere else (maybe Brookie?). Lots of talk over eye gouging (Ross) and cheap shots (Croker). My opinion…Ross should not play for a couple of weeks next season for his eye gouge, and Croker is a thug who, whilst legal, his hit on a stationary Stewart was a cheap shot. Stewart gave Slater a fair go a little earlier, and Slater was obviously giving Stewart the same thing, until Croker came and not only took out Stewart but Slater as well.

Anyway, the better team won on the night, and they deserved it after losing only 3 games all season. The Storm will be just as strong next season (even without King who is off to chase the big $$$ in the UK). Hopefully Manly will get stronger next year, but they must find a strong replacement for Monaghan, who will be sadly missed (just as he was on Saturday night…was he even there??).


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